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A Tale of Two Fireplaces...and a Place Called "Home."

Posted: January 07, 2015 by Lucine Spheeris

Have I ever mentioned that I love my job??  

I am afforded opportunities to meet outstanding people every day!  And, probably one of the most rewarding gifts I can receive is an update from one of those fantastic past clients or customers.  

Today, I was blessed with just that!  I received a photo text message from a customer I worked with this past summer who bought a wonderful Colonial home in our area.  She wanted me to see her updated fireplace. 

Don't worry, I won't keep the results of their efforts to myself - here's a Before and After Photo for you all!


After I reveled in the artistry of their new fireplace, and marveled at just how much they were able to accomplish in the short time they had owned their new home, I started to study their new fireplace photo more closely....

And, it made me smile...

There is so much that warms my heart in this photo... from the family stockings to the adorable nativity scene - it all embodies the true meaning of the word "HOME."  And, THAT is what I am passionate about - helping people find their new "homes."

But, perhaps what caught my eye the most, was the artwork over the fresh and updated new mantle.  I couldn't read all of it, but I could see the words Memories and Heart.  And, that made me reminisce on my memories of the adventures I had the opportunity to experience with this particular customer while we were looking for homes last summer....  

She contacted me out of the blue last May because her husband had a job transfer, and they needed to move here to the Lake Country area from out of state.  We had never met before, but she was flying in for the weekend, and she had only ONE day to find a neighborhood she liked and a new dream home for her and her family.  So, I met her at her gate early in the morning at General Mitchell International Airport; and I knew right away I would love her when she bounded through that gate with purpose, greeted me with a breakfast burrito, coffee and a huge smile.  She was ready to tackle her seemingly impossible task, and nothing was going to stop her!  

Armed with her spreadsheet of properties ranked with A's, B's and C's - we hit the pavement running.  We looked at probably close to 20 homes that day... and we drove a ridiculous number of miles.  But, before I dropped her off late that night, I felt like she and I had already known each other for years.  By the end of the night, I knew more about her family, her favorite kind of music, wine preferences, colors, political affiliations and high school misadventures than I do about some people I have known for years.  I even got to hear the amazing story about how she and her husband met!  

(Ask her sometime, it's awesome.)

Even though we didn't find her dream home that day, I feel like we each found a friend.  

Don't worry though!  This story DOES have a happy ending!  Even though we may have struck out on finding a home that first day, that didn't quell her's or her husband's enthusiasm for the search!  We continued to communicate multiple times daily, and I continued to tour homes for them and send videos for them to review.  It was the closest we could get to real showings. This is how she and her husband ultimately picked their dream home - by watching videos transmitted to them from my phone through Dropbox.  

How's THAT for taking chances?  

Now, they have taken this wonderful house they purchased, and turned it into a real HOME. And, that, is the culmination and ultimate reward for all my efforts working in this business.  I just love that I get the opportunity to meet such great people.  And, I wouldn't have that opportunity if it wasn't for the field of real estate.  

I am so happy that she and her family have come to live in our community.  We are better off for having them here.  

THANK you Angie for the lasting impression you and your family have left with me.

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